Traditional African Farm Food

  • The South African are famous for our Braaivleis (Barbeque), world-class beef prepared on an open fire before our guests. There is nothing like well-matured steak, and homemade boerewors(Traditional South African farm sausage).  This is the African life.
  • Game-meet- The game meet is from Flintbeck and the surrounding area. These animals are harvested from the veldt; they have had no stress, no hormones, no medication, and very little fat and unique flavour.  Prepared in various ways ranging from “potjie kos” (South African type stew prepared in a big black pot on an open fire) to kudu schnitzels.  Nothing but pure meat.  In Africa we eat what nature offers us, nothing goes to waste in Africa
  • Lamb- South Africa is famous for its lamb; we like to treat our guests to great lamb typically obtained from the semi-desert Karoo area in the Northern Cape.
  • Honey- the honey is collected on Flintbeck, at a certain time of year the honey is collected after the Aloe’s bloom. Unique to our area
  • We will fill your plate with a variety of Farm foods typical to South Africa: Pot bread (Bread made in a pot on the fire), typical vegetables, “pap & sous” (Maize porridge with a tomato and onion sauce, cannot be explained, only experienced), “braai mielie’s”, vegetables, fresh salads and fresh fruit that is in season. A great deal of any culture is the traditional food.
  • Beer &wine- accompany a great meal with a beer from the Brauhaus am damm German brewery just down the road from us. If you prefer a good wine, then you are in the right country.  Famous for our wines there is a great variety of wines to choice from.

“where a man feels at home, outside of where he’s born, is where he’s meant to go.” – Ernest Hemingway